Learn New Battery/Starting/Charging System Testing Techniques

Now is your chance to improve your knowledge of the battery and charging system on today’s vehicles and learn testing you can use right away to help your customers. After all, a vehicle that won’t start is one of the fastest ways your customers’ days can be ruined.

This free webinar is your ticket to assisting your customers on these problems.


Watch and learn from our experts – G. Jerry Truglia with TST and Pete Meier – as they teach you a variety of methods for battery and charging system testing as well as educate you on the common causes of premature battery and alternator failures. Starting with a simple DVOM test and moving up to capacitance testing and DSO testing, you will walk away with the actual tests you can perform in your shop.

Register now for the free webinar originally recorded on location with TST and watch it at any time.


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