What is in it for you as an automotive aftermarket professional?

Telematics can provide you new ways to improve customer service, open new avenues to educate your customers about their vehicles and repair options and create broader customer reach. As an automotive aftermarket professional, it is time to take notice of telematics and other vehicle connectivity options. These technologies are becoming mainstream, and have made inroads into the aftermarket space as well. Your customers are learning about them through news reports and expect you to be educated and prepared to help them navigate their decision-making process.

Download this whitepaper written by the Motor Age, ABRN & Aftermarket Business World editorial teams to understand:

  • Different types of telematics
  • Opportunities arising out of combining vehicle data systems like OBDII with a telematics system
  • Four key areas of focus going forward
  • Why telematics should matter to you

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